giving back

It's been more than a year since I started bakin' it to the streets with the boys: twice a month we bake something, or make some lunches, or buy donuts and hit the road to brighten the day of someone in need. With a homeless population of over 8,000 here, it usually isn't hard to find a person or two to share with.

And something has happened in the process.
My heart broke. 
Our outings went from a nicety - teaching my kids about sharing with those in need, handing out treats - to a calling
There is so much hurt and sadness and hopelessness in some of the faces I meet.
There are so many who need an outstretched hand, a smile of hope, a moment of prayer. 
I can't do much, but I can do that.
So, we will continue. I will post about our experiences once a month or so, and I encourage you to continue to share your stories in the comments section. They are such a blessing to read.