11 February 2018

DIY Valentine treats and FREE printables!

I have five kids with Valentine's parties in two days and I obviously haven't gone to Target to buy cards. Because my kids were off all week for conferences and because I don't take six kids to stores all at once because I really like my sanity, I wanted to see what I could do from home. So I came up with these little printables, made a few clicks on Amazon Prime for little cellophane bags and candy, and voila! 

Extra bonus: my boys aren't disgusted by the ooey gooey sentiments on most cards. 
"I am NOT giving any cards away that say love or cute or anything." Mmmmkay.

I thought I'd share the love, and give you guys free printables if you're in the same boat! My girls are giving away little baggies of animal crackers, two boys are doing m&m's, and one is doing Smarties! They each get a role in filling the bags and signing their name and everyone is happy. 

Just fill each little bag (ours are Wilton 4x6"), fold over and staple shut. Cut labels and fold in half. Have your kid sign the back before attaching to the baggie with another staple. An easy and fun project for your next Valentine's party that you can do together!

HERE are the printables for each!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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