17 January 2018

intentional: more than just a word

I had this whole vision of what my phrase for 2018 would be: let your heart be light. Approach all things with joy, and when that seems impossible, work through that. but then, God kind of nudged my heart to go a little deeper and changed up my plans. #likehedoes 


That’s the word that has come into my mind and onto my heart over and over again the past couple of weeks. Intentional in my marriage, in my parenting, in my faith, in my work, in my friendships, with my time. I confess that I am the queen of distraction, that I can so easily lose focus, that I don’t always invest myself wisely. So here’s to 2018, to living more intentionally, and to letting my heart be light and filled with joy, even when it may not come easily. To being a better version of myself, by His 

And intentional in using my voice and sharing my heart.
For so long I have hesitated. I've written so many posts in my mind, always longed to put my heart and my mind into tangible words. But then time swallows up opportunity, or distractions appeal more immediately, or let's be honest, I need to binge watch The Crown.

But if for no one else, if just for me, I want to write them down. 
The things that matter to me, should be kept. So here is to a new year, and new beginnings, and to creating space to be intentional.

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