16 December 2016

choosing a different way: my decision to go oily

In the latest edition of "Carina Eats Her Words":

I started using essential oils about three years ago when they started to pop up around social media. But I vowed I would never use oils from an MLM (multilevel marketing) because that was so not me. I researched every oil I used and all its benefits, bought a couple of diffusers, and went to town. I loved that I was doing something more natural, my kids were sleeping better, I was more relaxed. Don't get me wrong, I still loved tylenol and antibiotics for our ailments. But if I could do something to boost our immunity naturally, I was all in.

More and more friends started sharing about how they were using their oils - if you're anywhere on Facebook or Instagram, I'm pretty sure you've seen them. I would roll my eyes and then secretly note the different oils they were trying and why and buy them from another company. 

But then I started thinking about other things around my house. Our detergent. My kids toothpaste. Hand sanitizer. Body wash. All of these everyday necessities that aren't really that great for my kids to be absorbing every single day, 50 times over. I'm not the crunchiest of girls, but I knew there had to be a better option, and while I'm crafty, making my own laundry detergent is just not in my wheelhouse.

So I talked to my best friend, a former skeptic (like oh my goodness SKEPTIC), who is now an all in oily goddess, and it took about three minutes for me to make the switch to Young Living. There are a million reasons, but a lot of it is that it's not just oils, it's education. It's a community of support, it's an opportunity to share how oils are helping my family in so many ways. If all they did was help my kids sleep more peacefully, I'd be all in (because, HELLO), but it's endlessly more.

So, here I am, no shame in my game. I need oils, you need oils, everybody needs oils. And that's another reason I wanted to be a part of YL: I really believe that you need to use them carefully and knowledgeably. They are potent little bottles that can make such a difference in so many ways, but in the right way. So, feel free to follow along with me if you want to know more - I'll be sharing on instagram, I'll host a few online classes, and if you're local - I have some fun girls nights in the works. 

If you've thought about hopping on board, I'd love to chat more... You can also get all the details here. I got my starter kit last week and it's AMAZE. Eleven oils, a big diffuser, product guide, samples of other products, plus you get wholesale price on all your future purchases (that's 24% off retail!). And if you do decide to sign up for a kit and choose me as your sponsor, I'll send you $10 back via PayPal through December! (The link should autofill my info, but just in case, my member ID is 10804651.)

Already love the oils? Tell me your favorites and how you use them!

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