03 May 2016

road trip adventures

A few weeks ago we packed up our van, loaded up our six kids, and headed to the beach. We'd been planning it for months, to go back to the Oregon coast, to stay at the house we'd stayed at the year before, with its perfect view, and its short little walk to the beach. The kids had been looking forward to it for weeks, and we'd all been giddy to get there and get settled and start our adventure.

Except that I thought we were checking in on Sunday, and we were actually checking in on Monday, and I only just realized it as we were driving to the gas station to fill up for our four-plus hour trek to the sea. Whoops. My husband, being the amazing, light hearted man that he is, said we should just make an adventure of it and so we did. We decided to surprise the kids with a night in a hotel close to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, our ice cream destination, and let them splash around in the hotel pool and order room service (grilled cheese from the diner) and extend our vacation an extra day. It ended up being perfect.

We spent the next four days exploring candy shops, eating salt water taffy, walking along the beach, playing card games, cozying up during the rainstorms, sampling salmon jerky, and soaking up lots of family time. The weather was sunny two of the days, and rainy the other two. There is something so magical and cozy and wonderful about being at the beach during a storm. Just like last year, we made a little treat buffet of caramel apples and candy and kettle corn and had a movie night with the boys. We scrolled through Netflix and came upon the Prince of Egypt, which I remember loving and then quickly realized it was way too intense for our kindergartners (again, whoops). So we switched to Robin Hood, which Nick had just read through with them, and we laughed and snacked and they were over the moon over a special late night with mom and dad. Nick and I also had our own movie night as we watched Chef (so good!) and drooled over the food and dreamt of having a family food truck.

It was the perfect little vacation - no huge agenda, just our family spending time together, mesmerized by the Pacific, eating plenty of sugar, drinking cappuccinos (grown ups only because my kids need caffeine, like, never) and feeling grateful for all the good things we've been given in each other. We'll miss you, Oregon Coast, and can't wait for our next adventure!