10 May 2016

let's change the world together

pictured: modern leather tote   velocity necklace   rarity cuff   bazaar bangles
Two years ago I started my journey as a Noonday ambassador. It was a way for my heart to connect with the world in ways that it wasn't able to before. A way to stand with arms linked with women and families from Uganda and Ethiopia and India and Vietnam, sharing their stories. Women who need access to medicine and health care, the means to send their kids to school, to work in a safe, dignified environment. By doing my small part in sharing their stories and creating a marketplace for their beautiful handiwork in my own community, I can make an impact in their communities. And in turn, it's given me purpose and a worldwide sisterhood that I'd never even dreamed of.

I'm turning 38 next month and I have decided to set a pretty big goal - one that I can't accomplish without you! I want our impact to grow so that more women and men and children can have sustainable jobs, receive fair wages, and create change in their communities. Here's my hope: I'd love to get 38 orders by my 38th birthday. Every single purchase broadens our reach and impacts a community. Will you be a part of it?

Teachers gifts, birthday presents, a treat for yourself? Something beautiful that changes the world? It doesn't get much better. Those Sharma earrings in the picture above just went on sale and are made of gorgeous gold and fuchsia leather! They're some of my favorites.

And to make things even more fun: Every order made before June 7 will be eligible for a gift from me as a way of saying thank you for making such a big difference. I will randomly select one person to choose between the following (how will you decide?!):

kathmandu bag
very versatile bracelet
Will you be a part of the story? Help me celebrate two years with Noonday and my upcoming birthday by changing the world with your purchase! And while you're there, click on the impact tab and read the stories of the amazing people who make every single piece. You'll leave encouraged and hopeful, and ready to make a difference.

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Thank you!