29 February 2016

a post that's not really about politics

Here is the truth: I really do care about what happens in presidential elections and who the next leader of our country will be. I am not very excited about any of the potential candidates in the race, but I am pretty staunchly against a couple of them. I would be lying if I didn't say that I was downright nervous about what was going to happen this fall. But I'm not here to talk about that. Let's talk about fictional presidents instead, mkay? Because I think we will all still like each other afterward.

I am obsessed with Madam Secretary. Soon after I binge watched some hgtv and a British baking competition show, I put it to facebook and twitter: "I just added Sherlock and Madam Secretary to my queue - what should I choose first?" It was a resounding SHERLOCK. You people are passionate about Benedict Cumberbatch (I mean, I can see why). But I like to go against the grain a little and I jumped on board with Tea Leoni. And I loved every minute of the first season, which is on Netflix

Not only is it good political drama, but her relationship with her husband is so refreshing. I want to be them, minus the weekly endangerment of their lives. Plus, she's just kind of a badass, determined to change the world. Can you admire a fictional political leader? Because I so do. With my current real life options, I think I'll stick with Elizabeth McCord.