16 January 2016

my little duo

Because I never want to forget the precious, hilarious, silly, sweet conversations between these two. Frances and Ivah, 3 and 2, are quite the pair, and we marvel at them pretty regularly.

Overheard this week:
As Frances hung her freshly colored picture of Elsa on the refrigerator, Ivah said: "Oh no, where is my pitcher of Anna?" 
Frances, distraught: "It at the babysitter, Ivah. I so so sorry."
Ivah, sniffing sadly: "It ok, Fance."

As Ivah leaned over the car seat to kiss Eloise and make sure she had her pacifier, as she does about 38 times a day, Frances came up alongside her and put her arm around her shoulder. She whispered, "You da best sister in the whole wide world," and Ivah whispered back, "I wuv you, Fance." And then a kiss.

As they sit down to breakfast or lunch together, Frances always begins with, "So, Ivah..." with nothing in particular to follow it up.

Watching their love for each other grow, become best friends, look out for each other, wish to share every experience - it's more than I ever expected or dreamed. And I pray it keeps growing closer and closer as time goes on. They have their moments of high pitched squeals and a desperate need for the same toy at the exact same time, and have taken to wrestling on occasion (I credit their three big brothers for that one), but mostly, it's true love. And now that they have a third sister to add to the mix, doting on my little Eloise all day every day, I pray it multiplies all the more. 

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