31 January 2016

how i geek

We went out to dinner with all six kids and my parents and grandpa last night. We don't do it very often because that's a lot of wrangling. But it seemed like a good night for burgers, so we all squeezed into a little booth and chatted over fries and color crayons and toddlers. There were two televisions on in the restaurant.: one was showing a basketball game and the other was tuned into HGTV. Whoever is managing that restaurant is a genius.

My eight year old saw that there was a show on about a house remodel, turned to me and asked, "Have you seen this one, mom?" Because he gets me. Especially since having Eloise, my go to channel surfing always lands me on some home makeover story. I love watching them demolish and rebuild, pick out tile, rip up carpet, open up doorways, choose flooring... I am a geek when it comes to all that. 

So when Netflix started streaming Fixer Upper, I promptly binge watched the entire first season and then needed to remodel my entire house. Except, six kids. Not just a typical remodel show, I love the way they feature Chip and Joanna's relationship and family life in such a natural light - it just adds even more enjoyable layers while you watch. Plus, her design style is so lovely, I'm always inspired in some little way after each episode.

A big cup of tea, snuggling my baby, and a good before and after, and I have found my perfect afternoon.