23 October 2015

brooklyn (and nyc) with my girls and serendipity

A couple of weeks ago I boarded a red eye and made my way to New York. It was time for my yearly weekend away with some of my favorite friends - girls I met through social media four years ago, girls who God put in my life in a surprising way at just the right time. They are kindred spirits who know me well, good and bad, and love me exactly as I am. They are my prayer warriors, my encouragers, and pieces of my heart are scattered with them in all different parts of the country. I look forward to these weekends so much - not just to recharge (which we mamas need, am I right?), but to breathe with them. To laugh at ridiculous things and eat delicious food and just be. 

New York is one of my favorite places, and I feel so lucky to have been able to go so many times. It's beautiful in the fall, and it was fun to go and explore with my girls. We set up camp in Brooklyn, in the basement of a brownstone, just a couple of blocks from the subway. With perfect weather, we walked the tree lined streets and stopped in countless bakeries, sat around the table together, explored flea markets and little shops. We snuggled up at night and watched romantic comedies and ordered in Chinese. We ate cuban food outside under bright, colorful umbrellas, poked around book shops, walked a million miles and climbed a thousand subway stairs. We ate doughnuts and sipped iced coffees and were convinced we saw several celebrities that no one could actually name. It was perfect.

For me, New York is all about what was filmed where and I am a total nerd about it. I tried to stop myself from listing every movie filmed in the New York Public Library (Ghostbusters! Breakfast at Tiffany's! Sex and the City!) as we huffed up and down the marble steps. I pointed out where Serendipity was filmed, which was one of the movies we watched in our little apartment (it's streaming on Netflix right, now, in case you need your fix). As we walked along Central Park on our way to Zabar's (You've Got Mail! Also, get the cherry cheese strudel.) and Shake Shack for dinner, a tour guide asked us if we wanted to know about the 312 movies that have been filmed in the Park. I was like... uh, yeah I do. But we needed those shakes and burgers and strudels immediately, so I bit my tongue.

It was a magical weekend. The perfect location and the perfect company and the perfect refreshment. I am so grateful for all of it, for all of them. New York has a little piece of my heart, and even more now that I've shared it with my girls.