31 July 2015

backyard adventures and necessary naps

We've hit the halfway mark on our summer vacation, and it has been fun and full of activities. Swim lessons, VBS, a trip to the beach. There have been endless rounds of kickball and baseball, and secret spy missions. But there's also been lots of fights and messes and driving me crazy, because we're all about balance. These past few weeks have been super hot (by NW standards) and sometimes the only respite is some downtime in the basement to cool off and get out of the heat. That means a little extra time playing Mario Bros or watching a movie. 

The latest love of my boys' lives is a new series streaming on Netflix called Dragons: Race to the Edge. They all loved the How to Train Your Dragon movies, and this is the next installment. I may have let them binge watch three episodes in a row while their sister took their naps and I dozed on the couch in the cool basement. I'm pregnant, it's allowed.

They had fun reenacting what they watched afterward with their own tattered map, and swords in hand. They've been into a game they made up recently called "guard the kingdom from the dragons", so when I told them about this show, they were pretty excited.

Here's to the last month of summer vacation, lots of backyard adventures, and lots of little naps.