10 July 2015

a wedding, a road trip, and middle america

Last week around this time, I was sitting on a plane on my way to Chicago. One of my dearest Young Life friends was getting married and had invited me out to do her hair for her big day and share in all the celebration. With another good friend by my side, we made our way from the PNW to the Midwest, ready to spend a weekend away with friends new and old.

We stepped out into the Chicago sun, made our way to our rental car, plugged the address into our phones, and started traveling west to Wisconsin's dairyland. Two hours later, we wove through country roads, surrounded by cornfields and old barns, and the most beautiful countryside I've seen. We stopped chattering here and there to marvel at all the surrounded us, and breathed deep as we rolled up the gravel drive to the farm where we were spending the weekend. 

We stayed in a gorgeous old farmhouse on a real working dairy farm, just across from the open field where the wedding took place, adjacent to the giant red barn filled with twinkly lights and hay bales where the reception was. We danced and laughed and fanned ourselves in the heat. We caught up with old Seattle friends who'd made the trek, and enjoyed the company of the midwesterners we met throughout the weekend. I stood in the quiet of the night and watched the fireflies dancing through the fields, and watched in awe as the groomsmen set off an amazing fireworks display. I watched my sweet friend - my Bachelor watching, coffee drinking, funny friend - marry an amazing man. And I am so excited for where their future is taking them.

On Sunday morning, we woke up lazily and dreamily (I slept more last weekend than I have in eight years, I think), packed up our things and headed back to the windy city. We pulled into the most expensive parking garage in the United States, I'm pretty sure (hashtag tourists) and wandered around Millennium Park. We bought french pastries and baguettes, we bought tiny cappuccinos at the hipsterist hipster coffee place I've ever seen, we wandered the gorgeous gardens right in the middle of the city, and found shade under a canopy of trees to chat and read as the afternoon turned to evening. And then the weekend came to a close as we boarded the plane back to Seattle.

It was lovely and quick and the perfect little getaway in the midst of the summer crazy. With good friends and dreamy surroundings. It recharged me for life back at home and it cozied my heart to watch someone dear to me start on a new adventure.