30 June 2015

seriously one of the best movies

It's no secret that I am slightly obsessed with eras gone by. Particularly my grandma's generation. One of my favorite movies of all time (really, it's in my top ten) is The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. I saw it when it came out and then just recently discovered it's streaming on Netflix and I nearly cried tears of joy. It's not fast paced or exciting, but it's a true story about a woman with ten children living in suburban Ohio in the 50s and 60s. It's based on the memoir written by one of her children, and it is one of the most real and heartwarming stories I've seen.

The lead is played by Julianne Moore, who I am also slightly obsessed with. We just watched Still Alice and oh my goodness. Definitely worth watching, but get ready to sob. I cried for a full 20 minutes afterward. It's not an easy watch.

But this movie. It is such a beautiful picture of motherhood, of sacrifice, of joy in the midst of real life, which isn't easy. It's a testament to how much her children loved her, and it really does inspire me in my own role as a mother and what matters in a family. Not to mention, the clothes and set stir up this nostalgia of an era I didn't even live in, but I have such a draw to.

It's like Mad Men, but wholesome and inspirational, if that makes any sense. Anyway, if you need something to watch that makes you feel better about life in general, this one is for you. My next goal is to actually read the memoir. My goal of 2015 was a book a month, but I am only on my second one, so I am not counting on it. But a girl has to have a dream, right?


  1. Oooooh adding this to my list!! I always say I was born during the wrong era ;)

  2. I watched this movie for the first time a few weeks ago--and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Think it may be #1 on my favorite movies list now. Actually...may have to watch it again this weekend. Or maybe I'll ready the book? Book club maybe????