30 April 2015

a playmobil screening party!

This month has been so busy - two of the boys have officially started little league, my husband has been on call and traveling, and then also normal life with five kids in tow. So we are always super excited for a fun surprise and something a little out of the norm.

The good people at Netflix got in touch to see if my kids would want to have their own Playmobil Super4 screening party! We were all over that. What kid doesn't love Playmobil? And an excuse to have a mini party in the middle of the week? Always.

We started out with some fun coloring sheets that feature some of the characters on Super4, which premiered on Netflix on April 1. It's a fun, fast-paced show filled with adventure that my boys really enjoyed.

Frances and Ivah were totally down for a coloring sesh before the show. In fact, they'd prefer to "cully" all day if they had their choice. But mama doesn't love following them around and picking up the five million crayons they leave trailing all over the house, so we limit it to a few sessions a day. This was totally their jam. 

And then, of course, the costumes. Eddie and George are obsessed with the shields (which double as backpacks, apparently) and Frances always loves a sparkly crown. My very own Super4.

If you're looking for a fun show to stream for your bigger littles (think 6+) that has a wide variety of characters going on big adventures, definitely check this out. It follows Ruby the pirate, Alex the knight, Gene the secret agent, and Twinke the fairy. It's perfect for boys and girls to enjoy together without fighting over whose show they're going to choose. 
And when does that ever happen?

Here's to lots of adventures, kids who love to party, and mid-week pick me ups!

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