23 March 2015

let's talk television

I think it's fairly well known that I think Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows that ever was. It was so well written and the characters were relatable, and I still want to grow up to be Tami Taylor. So when I saw a preview for the new Netflix series, Bloodline, I was absolutely positive I was going to check it out because I still have a schoolgirl crush on Coach Taylor and Kyle Chandler plays the lead (cleareyesfullheartscan'tlose).

All 13 episodes of the first season began streaming last Friday and I started up the first episode while I was baking some birthday cupcakes. I am a multitasker and I admit, I feel a little guilty if I am not doing something productive while watching TV. I pressed play with a little trepidation, nervous I wouldn't like it or it would be terrible and my hopes would be dashed.

But you guys, it's good. It's uncomfortably good. There isn't much happening in the first few episodes that give you any warm fuzzies, but that's not what this show is about. The story follows four siblings in a family with dark things in their past that slowly reveal themselves over time. It's set the balmy beaches of Florida, which makes for an beautiful backdrop that is also strangely eerie. And there is an amazing cast of actors, all playing significant roles really well. I can't decide if I actually like any of them, but I am mesmerized by each of them. And if you need a selling point: my husband liked it, and we haven't watched a show together with any regularity since Lost, so he's not easily sucked in.

I mean, it's good enough that I can't do anything else while I watch it, so there goes 13 hours of my life, but I'm pretty sure it's worth it.


  1. I started watching this today a bit, and it seems really good..great cast like you said, great backdrop, seemed intriguing. I wasn't sure though, if I wanted to get sucked in--but you gave a pretty good review. :)

  2. I was hooked especially when the in the end of the first episode it had that heavy duty hook, "We aren't bad people, we just did a bad thing!" Oh man, and like you I love that actor from Friday Night lights!