30 January 2015

the big game and my affinity for sports movies.

Not sure if you know this, but there's a big football game coming up this weekend. My boys are slightly excited about it. We love our Hawks.

Some people say we are a city filled with bandwagon fans. That may or may not be true, but I know one thing for sure: my husband is a tried and true diehard. He has been faithful since he was a boy, and his love for his team even changed my heart toward football.

He took me to a game on our second date, back in October of 2003. He picked me up wearing a much too big for him team jersey, excited to share something so special with me. I was pretty skeptical, having never paid one minute of attention to football, and now here was this boy on my doorstep in a jersey? I wasn't sure there'd be a third date. I guess we all know how that turned out.

nick and caleb at the game in NJ
nick and lute at the victory parade last february (in vintage seahawks, because he's my kid)
Nick has gone to games over the years, watched all the others on tv, and analyzed every play and match up more than I realized possible. He's passed his love onto our boys, and I doubt the girls are far behind. We listen to Seahawks rap songs in the car to and from school, and I have even geared up for Sunday in my own way. 

We're ready for you, Super Bowl. We are so proud to be 12's!

In addition to my love for the Seahawks, I've also become so sappy when it comes to sports movies. I don't even know who I am, but that goes to show the influence my cutie husband has had on me. My favorite show of all time is Friday Night Lights (well, tied with Parenthood, may it rest in peace), I love Rudy and The Perfect Game. All of which you can stream on Netflix. And if you haven't watch FNL, please commence the binge watching ASAP. Coach Taylor 4EVER. Or if you're fancy and you get Netflix at your door: Hoosiers, Moneyball, Trouble with the Curve. Each may have made me cry a little bit. So even if you're not crazy into sports, I promise these are worth your time. 

And now, the countdown begins.


  1. We are not into the NFL, but we are A&M grads and have season tickets to games--it's so much fun!

    I'm also a huge fan of sports movies; I completely agree with you there. Friday Night Lights is my jam. For sure.

  2. Go Hawks!!! Don't know a thing about football, but my 28 yr old son is crazy excited. Last year, he threw his first Superbowl party. And the Hawks won! Bellingham is SO SEAHAWKS MAD!!! All kinds of fireworks shoot off whenever they score a touchdown; crazy college kids go wild!! I expect this Sunday to real noisy!!!!