14 January 2015

a letter of love and gratitude

The way that we have seen God move in our family over the last eight weeks is nothing short of remarkable. When we got the call that one of our birthmothers was seeking us out for another adoption, it seemed impossible. Not because we couldn't imagine adding a sixth to the mix - we happen to be crazy enough to love a house full of loud and lively kids all around - but because the reality of adoption is that it is expensive and tedious in preparing for it. Doctors visits, background checks, fingerprints taken, references, everything needing to be notarized, signing a thousand contracts, more references, more doctors visits, more meetings, financial statements. But mostly, the money. It's a sad thing that the cost of adoption can throw so many people off of the thought. It certainly did for us when we got that call just a couple of months ago.

But when we prayed about it, and felt an overwhelming peace that our answer should be yes, I knew this was our chance to see God move mountains in our family. Right in front of our eyes. And He has. 

When we first told some of our friends what was going on, people showed up at our doorstep with donations. Sacrificial amounts of money. Believing for this baby, for our family, for our birthmother. Wanting to show support. To those who have stood with us from the moment this began, thank you.

We started getting donations through PayPal almost immediately. From our family members near and far, from friends and acquaintances, from people we've never met face to face. Some big, some small - every single penny making a difference. Every amount of help one step closer to our baby. To each of you, thank you.

When I asked if people could support us by donating items for an instagram auction, I was overwhelmed at the response. 137 items. More offered. An entire day spent posting with bid after bid, supporting us, helping us, bit by bit. To those of you who donated, to those of you who purchased an item or two or ten, thank you. 

Every time I had doubts, every time I asked God, so quietly in the still of my heart, if we were making the right decision, another donation would come in. Usually from a stranger, out of the blue. A clear nudge to keep going.

When Nick called a few close friends in the very beginning of this process, seeking counsel as we made the decision to move forward, we received nothing but support and encouragement. One friend in particular not only said that he thought we should move forward, he emailed us just a few days later with a clear and concise plan to raise the rest of the money that we needed. Doug Strauss was going to throw us an auction, and he really believed that we'd raise what we needed. 

Fast forward two months. We had our auction last Friday at our church. 125 people from every circle we've been a part of - from Nick's work, to our families, to Young Life, to high school and college, our kids school, preschool, neighbors, church community and friends - all gathered together in the most humbling outpouring of support I've ever experienced. Not only did we reach our goal at the end of the night, we raised more than we needed. Which means we will be able to travel to pick up our boy without worry. We have money to pay for our homestudy and all the follow up visits.

He has moved the mountain that seemed insurmountable just eight weeks ago. 

I don't even know how to say thank you. To Doug and his family, who have become so dear to us. For believing in our family, and standing with us as we stand with our birthmom, as we hope to be an outpouring of love as best we can, as we welcome our sixth little miracle. I am so grateful.

I don't know how to express my thanks to my dear friends, and our amazing family, as they have walked beside us and supported us in a million ways as we walk this path. For the community that we are a part of here at home, and for the people who have given us the boost we need even though they don't even know us. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude.

So thank you. To all of you. You are our miracle.


  1. To a God be the glory! His love and provision in these weeks is so evident. He has big plans for this little life! So happy for you.

  2. oh my! This made me tear up a little...I'm so glad everything came together in the way and the timing that it did. Congratulations!!!!!

  3. I love how God showed off for your family! He's so good at that!

  4. I am so excited for you and your family! You're adoption stories are so inspiring to me and my husband.

  5. Praise God. Can't wait to "meet" him!