31 December 2014

how we're doing new years

I confess I am not someone who needs a crazy New Years celebration to finish out the year. Cozy jammies and a comfy couch and I am set. We're staying home tonight, snuggling up on the couch and probably watching a movie because we are cah-razy. We'll pause it at midnight to make a toast and give the midnight kiss, because like I said - crazy animals.

Nick actually forgot it was New Years Eve and when I reminded him, he asked "what are we doing with the kids? are they staying up until midnight?" When I finished laughing, I said, "Eastern time, I guess." Which means they'll be in bed by 9 because no matter how late my boys are up, they are awake by 6:30am without fail. It's a sad state of affairs. The girls, on the other hand, sleep in until 9 every day, and so they win.

This year we have a new party plan. I am sad it took me seven years to figure this out, but I think it'll be a hit. Since I live in a house of early risers (Lord, help), we are going to have a New Years party that is actually on New Years! In the morning! Welcome to the world, 2015, the noisemakers are coming out at 7am and we are going to party with pancakes and movies in the morning.

It just makes sense. 

The good folks at Netflix even sent us a fun basket of party supplies - noisemakers and party hats, silly glasses, streamers and balloons, all celebrating 2015 and the premiere of King Julien, which is a Netflix kids series. We're gonna party in style around 8:45 tonight and again in the morning. AND, as if that was awesome enough, they have a four minute New Years countdown that you can play anytime! So basically, feel free to trick your kids tonight if you need to. 

Happy New Year, dear readers - I hope your night is just as festive and wild as you'd like it to be and there are lots of good treats involved!


  1. did someone say "movies in the morning!?" :)

  2. Haha. Same here! We celebrated New York time and went to bed at 9:30

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