24 November 2014

the way God is writing this story

I am in awe. I have said that over and over, and will probably continue to say it to infinity. The night we found out that we could be bringing another baby home, Nick and I went to the little chapel in our church to pray together, to sit in silence, to ask for wisdom and direction. I felt like God was nudging me, "Carina, this is my glory story."
The decision to say yes wasn't easy, but it was filled with an overwhelming peace. I had a sense that if this was His will, He would make it happen. He would move the mountains that had to be moved to get us there.

Last week we had our first fundraiser. An auction on instagram that I had hoped would bring in $3,000. Half of our first goal. But the donations for the auction flooded my inbox. I couldn't keep up. And half wasn't what God had in mind. 

The total we need to send up front is $6,300.
The auction made $6,271.

Not only that, generous friends made cash donations to help us out and we are currently at $10,286. I can't even. If we didn't believe God was writing this story before, looking at that total at the end of the auction blew us away. The detail, the specifics. 
He is there, He is all over this. 

We are almost half way to our final total! I seriously can't believe it. In less than two weeks! And a very gracious, wonderful friend of ours has started organizing a local fundraiser for us, and people continue to ask how they can help.

Thank you. For standing with us, for believing for our family, for praying. Keep praying for us. For the birthmother, who is in a hard spot, who has our hearts, who we love dearly. Adoption is a hard road, and we continue to trust that His will will be done!

Now to Him who is able to do immeasureably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us. - Ephesians 3:20


  1. YES YES! that verse! immeasurably more!

  2. So wonderful! Thanks for being open to God's plan for this baby in your life. Love seeing the update on how all of this is coming together!

  3. Love this! So glad to have a great big God in the details of each of our lives!

  4. Have trust in God and he will open all the way for you. Never ever feel tired from asking help from him. He is always there for you.
    - Jeff from Tracy Crain Counseling