01 November 2014

scarfament 2014


You may be asking yourself what in the world a "scarfament" is. I'm here to tell you it is an amazingly fun swap that you do not want to miss out on. You get to pick out a fun little ornament, a super cute scarf, and send it off to a new friend! It's like the best version of Secret Santa ever.

Danielle and I are hosting together this year - she's the genius behind this idea - and we're opening it up to 150 people. 

Want in? Just fill out this form and you'll hear back from us by November 5 with all the info you need to get rolling. Then you'll have until December 1 to get your pretty package in the mail and sent to your partner. You will have no idea who you're receiving from, and your partner won't know who you are until that very happy mail day. Suspense is fun.

So, don't waste time - spots are extremely limited! Happy scarf season!

Open to US residents only.
Please do not sign up unless you promise with your whole heart to send a package by December 1. An empty mailbox is just sad.


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