14 November 2014

an unexpected gift

Something crazy happened this week. 
On Tuesday morning, I got a voicemail from the adoption agency we went through with both of our kids. My morning was strangely quiet because Nick had taken the day off and spent the morning at the park with the boys. The girls were sleeping, the house was silent, and I could call them back with no worries of interruption. Thinking through why they could've called, I thought maybe some of our friends had used us as a reference, or maybe they wanted to remind me that it was almost time to send an update on Frances.

And then the caseworker told me that one of our birthmothers was pregnant again, and hoping to place her baby with us early next year. I nearly fell to the floor when I heard her. My palms got sweaty, my heart raced, my mind filled with questions. I am positive I sounded like a rambling fool as I tried to process with her on the phone, promising to talk it over with Nick later that day.

We didn't have adoption on our radar. At all. We don't have a home study ready, and after having a few unexpected home repairs come this fall, we don't have much in the bank. After we got the phone call, it didn't make any sense to say yes - the mountain seemed way too big to climb. But we talked and prayed and cried and reflected, and felt like that shouldn't be what stopped us. We follow a God who can move mountains, and here was our opportunity to witness it first hand.

So, we called the agency and said we want to move forward.
We were completely honest: this is not something we have planned for. While our hearts are in it 100%, our bank account is not. The cost to adopt in this scenario is $25,000. We want to have the faith and the courage to believe that God will make this happen if it's His will, but we absolutely cannot do it alone.

Will you stand with us? With our birthmother?
Asking for help is always hard, but this is going to take a miracle and we need people to be a part of that. 

First, and always, PRAYER. Please pray for us, for the caseworkers, and for the birthmom.

SPREAD THE WORD. The more people that know our story, the greater the community we have to rally around us to make this miracle happen.

The first fundraiser is an instagram auction this Tuesday, November 18th at 10am PST, on my shop account (@lovelylittleshop). If you have anything you'd like to donate, please email me at lovelylittlewhimsy@gmail.com. Consider doing some of your Christmas shopping that day! We already have some pretty amazing donations rolling in from some of our favorite shops. 

You can shop through my Noonday page and my etsy shop as well - every dollar will go right toward making this happen.

And if you can, donate by sending directly through PayPal to carinalee78@gmail.com
We have to dream big, pray big, and hope big. Every penny makes a difference.

Thank you so much for being a part of our story!


  1. Incredible! I'll tune in tomorrow and I'll support!

  2. So excited for this incredible opportunity!! I'll be praying!

  3. You got it...praying, donating, believing.

  4. I actually heard the story on Instagram before I found your blog. I'm sharing your story today on my blog, and I've shared your sale link as well. We'll be praying for you guys!

  5. I heard your story through Instagram's Stephanie Holden and ordered from your Noonday account tonight. What an awesome journey you are own! ---Lindsey