23 October 2014

my netflix BFF

I know I probably watch too much tv. Netflix and I are pals.
But here's why: nine times out of ten, if I'm working on something for my shop, or catching up on emails, I have something on. I love good tv. 
So when Netflix started offering The Gilmore Girls this fall, I jumped on board.
Because believe it our not, I somehow missed that one back in 2000 when the rest of America fell in love with Rory and Lorelai. Sorry, ladies, I'm here for you now.

Another fave, coincidentally, is Parenthood. I've seen every episode and am working on my second run through with my husband. He isn't as big into tv, so when we can find a show we both like, it's usually a binge situation. The last show we watched all the way through together was Lost. So, it's been awhile.He's slowly falling in love with the Bravermans just as much as I am. 

As I've started watching The Gilmore Girls, I realized that Lorelai and Sarah Braverman are essentially the same person, just with very different kids. She's a goofy, energetic, possibly overly involved mom. I can relate, except for the energy part, maybe. But in TGG, she has Rory, who is aiming for Harvard, stays up all night cramming for tests, has more focus than most kids, and tends to be the voice of reason in the mother/daughter relationship. Still quirky and goofy and bubbly, she plays Sarah, mom to Amber, who can't seem to get it together, no matter how hard Sarah tries to make it happen. This feels far more realistic, and Amber is my favorite character on tv at the moment, in all her angst and trying to figure life out and broody behavior. 

Either way, I love Lorelai and I love Sarah, which mean I love Lauren and I've decided she's my new Netflix BFF. Trying her best to love her kid, in her overly opinionated way, drinking too much coffee and being a little bit dorky all along the way. MFEO.

What are you watching these days? I'm always looking for shows and movies that I haven't seen yet. What should I watch next?


  1. I love love love Parenthood AND the Bravermans. It's such a great show in that they don't sugarcoat the issues and they deal with things head on. There are so many great complex characters in that show and they all add something a bit unique and different... and endearing. I love Max/his parents the most... that's just such a believable storyline for me.

    I have never watched the Gilmore Girls. I KNOW! I must be one of the last people on earth. Will Netflix this soon :) Am actually watching Six Feet Under from the beginning (my fav show ever) which has Adam (and he just makes me swooon!)

  2. Ooh I love that we are traversing Netflix the same way! I am excited to revisit Gilmore girls too! My husband and I are watching Parenthood too! The first show we watched together was Lost too! Maybe you could check out Friday Night Lights too!we watched in Ohio while dreaming of Texas! I also like watching the classics like pride and prejudice! Check out you've git Mail I know you'll love it!