05 July 2014

noonday: why my heart was taken

In my life before babies and domesticity, I fancied myself a world traveler. A lover of culture and plane rides and little markets and spices in the air. Dusty roads off the beaten path, beautiful faces, new languages. I dream of days to come, traveling abroad with my husband, my kids, exploring new places, watching the wonder and awe and beauty that comes with setting your feet on new soil. 

But let's be real. Right now, five kids under the age of 8, and our international traveling days are scarce. But my heart is still there. In the jungles of Ecuador where I lived in college, the pueblos in Mexico, the warmth of the families I met in Ethiopia. I still dream of India. 

I know that for now, we are where we've been called. Serving as we've been asked. But. My heart is still there.

So when I heard about Noonday, something started stirring up inside of me. A company that started with a family's desire to adopt, and grew into a mission to serve and advocate for women and families around the world. The more I read and heard, and prayed, the more I knew that this was something I could do here and now. I could participate, advocate, love in this very specific way.

So last month I signed on as Noonday ambassador. I get to share the stories of artisans who make beautiful jewelry and bring their wares to my own community. What started with one couple in Uganda who could barely feed their family, as grown to support families in ten different countries around the world. Creating sustainable jobs, providing community and hope and all in relationship with people who love them. 

Have you heard of Noonday? I'd love for you to read more, explore the stories of the people whose lives have been changed, who've been empowered. Every piece has a story, every part handmade with love and hope. Every purchase we make from Noonday is advocating for change. Every time we tell their stories, we make a difference. 

What can you do? Consider purchasing something (there's a killer sale right now) as a gift or for yourself or hosting a trunk show - it's the easiest way to advocate and make a difference in the lives of so many. Email me if you have any questions... I am so excited to share this with people. The heart of Noonday and the stories have brought me to tears on many occasions. I hope you, too, will be touched!

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  1. You have always been an inspiration to me, always finding ways to give back! So proud of you!