18 May 2014

work it out

Between five kids, a house, a small business, and regular life, working out has fallen by the way side. We're into week three of alittletoofluffy and I have been right on track with cutting calories, and I'm happy with my progress. But I have dreams of muscle tone, and unfortunately that's not something you can get from wishing. Rude.

I've started doing a few HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts here and there. They can take as little as ten minutes, require no equipment, and I can do them in my living room. Basically, they make excuses impossible. I made one for you all that is quick, challenging and burns up to 150 calories! 

With longer daylight hours as we move into summer, I'm hoping to get back into running over the next few months. But even so, I plan on making these workouts part of the regular routine - I've read that doing HIIT increases the overall fat burn for 24 hours following your workout and increases your HGH levels by 450%, which means it also slows down the aging process. I'll take it.

I also have a pinterest board with more workouts and great recipes right here if you need some inspiration.

What's your favorite work out? If you're trying to shed some fluff, how's it going?


  1. Wow this looks totally do able! I'm still trying to figure things out, and get a routine maybe, with my seven week old. This is something I could totally make work. Gotta try it now!

  2. Thirty seconds of burpees is 30 seconds too many! I love/hate those things!