27 April 2014

if you're fluffy and you know it

For the past few years I've organized a Biggest Loser competition for friends and friends of friends every new year and sometimes over the holidays (because hello, seven pounds of Christmas cookies). This year my dearest girl, Danielle, asked if I wanted to help run a similar competition through instagram. I was super on board. I love the motivation and encouragement and community that comes from a common goal, especially one to get healthy.

This year's competition blossomed into something more: a community of women who want to make healthy changes together. And we've decided to do it again. Let's face it, it's practically summer and who doesn't want to feel good in some cute warm weather attire (while still keeping it modest, you guys.)? 

I asked for feedback after the last round, and the one thing everyone asked for more of was a way to interact with other participants. I hear ya. So this round will have a lot more of that. You can still encourage and keep up with each other through the #alittletoofluffy tag on IG, but here's the rest of the details:

It's $25 to participate for six weeks (May 2-June13), $2 of which goes to me for organizing, emailing, facilitating, etc. The rest goes into the prize pot and there will be three winners.
Winners are determined by percentage of weight lost, not by pounds. This makes for an even playing field, so whether you are 150 or 250 pounds, you're in the running. You'll send your weekly weigh ins to me every Friday, and I am the only person who will see your weight, pinky swear. I'll send out the current standings in a weekly email so you know where you're at.

I will also post here every Friday with recipes or workouts or encouragement, and you can connect with others in the comment section, you can check in with how you're doing, link up to favorite recipes - whatever! 

If you want more details or just want to sign up, email me at alittletoofluffy@gmail.com
There are only 50 spots, so don't delay! Let's do this.