20 February 2014

a cute little printable for you!

I've finally reached that point in life where I have to be somewhat organized. I guess five kids will do that to a girl. I am all about a good to do list. Now, whether or not I accomplish everything on the list is a different story. But I can try, right?
And nothing feels better than a big, bold line through something on that list. 

But rather than just scribbling something on a boring torn up piece of scrap paper, or a ripped out coloring book page (it happens), I wanted to dress it up a little. Don't you? I made you all a cute little to do list printable to do just that. Just click on the link to get the PDF file and print away!

Go forth and conquer your world today.
And have a happy weekend!

(you can find more pretty prints at bowandarrowart)

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