01 January 2014

one year

It's been one year. A year since we got the call, since I packed my bags, since I flew cross country to a little town in the South. One year since I met my daughter in that hotel room and held her in a daze.
Since I felt the warmth of her fresh little body and realized a dream - of another baby, of a daughter.
 Of Frances.

It's been one year since I sat in that Cracker Barrel, eating lunch with her birth mother.
Making small talk, my heart aching over her loss and grateful for her choice. 
Grateful that out of a deep love for her daughter, she made a great sacrifice.
She remains a hero in our hearts.

One year of love and joy and gratitude and peace and laughter and disbelief.

Frances, you are our girl, our little light, our great love.
You are a dream baby, through and through - with a cheerful disposition and a spunky attitude. 
Probably the perfect combination.
 We are thankful for you every single day.
God gave us a great, shining gift when He put you in our family.
May you always know how deep and high and wide our love for you is,
my sweet, sweet girl.


  1. oh. those dimples. and your heart...i love it all. love you!!!

  2. Dimples for days… She's absolutely precious! Such a beautiful and loving post, Carina. A treasure for you and for Frances for years to come.

  3. Those dimples! How beautiful. Happy anniversary!

  4. Your precious little girl is gorgeous!!! What a blessing in your life!