10 December 2013

keep a quiet heart: advent

Sometime this last week Shauna Niequist shared this on Instagram - it's actually something she felt on her heart last Christmas. The idea of being fully present rather than focused on keeping up the appearances of having it all together. 
It resonated with me in a major way.
I've wanted to get the house decked out for Christmas, I have projects in my mind to do with the kids, 
fun activities and family reflections.
Instead, we've been consumed by a flurry of activity, running here and there.
I have to do lists and children calling my name all day, every day.
And this keeps coming back to me: "Present over perfect."
So, I'm trying to stay engaged. To put away distractions and tune in.
Whether it's listening to my George and his longing to describe his daily snack in intricate detail,
or watching Eddie do a cartwheel in the kitchen,
or letting Lute practice Feliz Navidad with me for the 87th time,
or playing peek a boo over a tray full of cheerios with Frances,
or sitting with my Ivah late at night in a still, quiet house.

It's lighting my advent candle and praying through my day,
asking for grace in those crazy moments when I long for quiet,
and remembering others in prayer.
It's hard not to live constantly distracted - so many things pulling my attention.
It's a conscious effort, and this week it's been a challenge.
But I'm thankful for those moments when I feel a gentle nudge,
a little reminder, to draw near to Him,
and to wait with longing for His arrival.

How has your heart been stirred this week?


  1. I mean, I think my writing "counts"….even if it's not technically about keeping a quiet heart, I did write about advent today. much love, sista!

  2. saw this on insta too and was reminded again that i too easily forget what christmas is all about. praying for peace & quiet in our hearts today!

  3. i have been thinking a lot about this quote by our dear shauna too.