26 November 2013

that time i took my baby to the tattoo place

It's been a crazy few weeks. My husband and I passing like ships in the night: hectic schedules, commitments at work and school and church, sales picking up in my shop - it was one long string of days packed to the gills. Everyone was ready for a break.
My downtime included sister date night. And when she asked me if I would go with her to get her first tattoo, and then if I'd design it? Well, that seemed like the perfect Saturday night to me. We started off with Indian food at our favorite place in the city, chatting over tikka masala and pinot noir. And because Ivah is nursing round the clock and not a huge fan of the bottle, she got to join us.
Which meant I suddenly became that classy lady that takes her infant child to a tattoo joint.
Obviously that had to be documented for her baby book.
(Just kidding. As if my kids have baby books.)
As we approached the establishment, we both noticed the sign: "Absolutely NO children."
They begrudgingly let us in anyway, and I started to think this was the coolest sister night in history. 
Stacy got her tattoo (from Deuteronomy 6:5) and I fulfilled my lifelong dream of getting my nose pierced. 
Just your average Saturday night.

I'm grateful for a slower schedule this week, quality time with my sis,
good food, a husband who indulges my weirdness, and a baby who is going to have a great story to tell one day. 


  1. best blog post title ever.

    and this makes ivah a true rebel.

  2. YES! love it. i've thought about taking my kids - almost did when we were in austin last, but that new ink will have to wait. i think you need to design the font of my next one :) the next one I want is actually in the same location as your sister! LOVE!

  3. YOU ROCK! love that tattoo. great story for little ivah, indeed! :)