14 November 2013


my baby boy is four today and I feel like I can't think about it too long.
this kid is more than I could've ever asked for.
a fantastic sense of humor, a deep love for food (I feel ya, buddy), a fiery temper,
a genuine love for those in his presence. 
he's always quick to say he's sorry, offer a compliment, ask for kiss.
he could play "the animal game" for hours, and that's no exaggeration.
he's thirsty for conversation all. day. long.
he cares for others, isn't afraid to try new things, 
is confident and giving and full of joy.

george, I seriously love you so much it hurts. 
happiest of birthdays, my little peanut.
may we always be the best of friends,
may you always know how much you are loved,
and may you be blessed in all your days.
love you, buddy.