18 October 2013

so, what do you want to know?

I've seen a few of my favorite bloggers offer up question and answer posts,
and I love the idea. Plus, it gives me inspiration for posts when my tired mama brain is feeling a little dazed. 
So, what do you want to know?
Ask me anything. I'm not claiming to be an expert on any particular topic, but I do get a lot of emails about adoption and parenting, so feel free to go for it with your questions here. I'd promised a q&a on birth control that I still haven't gotten to, 
so you can ask that, too.
Really anything: recipes, hair color, how we spend our days, that time I met Punky Brewster 
or when I kinda stalked Michael Jackson.
I'm a pretty open book.

And this time I promise it won't take me six months to get the ball rolling.
(Maybe don't ask me about time management.)


  1. In all honesty, what do you NOT do to get all the other things done. I don't know how you care for all your kiddos, cook, and run an online shop!

  2. I want to hear the birth control Q & A. I've been waiting for it!

  3. Okay, tell me about stalking Michael Jackson! What's the story behind that?! :)

  4. Hair supplies and curling process - you've got great locks!

  5. I'm a sucker for home tours! I'm always looking in the backgrounds of pictures for glimpses into their home. I'm trying so hard to make my house *mine*, but I'm figuring out that a vintage, imperfect, mismatched, diy home is what feels most comfortable for me. That's a hard look to achieve because it takes a lot of time and searching and creating, not like going to a store or two to complete a room. It's a very slow work in progress. I love seeing what others are doing! =)

  6. Sorry this is late...I would love to read the birth control Q&A. I would also love to read any tips on raising godly boys in this culture. My son is 3 months old and I'm feeling overwhelmed already!
    Thank you for being willing to share with us!

  7. I too would love to read the birth control Q&A. I just recently got off about 6 months ago and feel like I am a pre-teen again. shoot me now! lol ;)