27 October 2013

so freaking blessed

It's just a moment in time.
A moment after a week where you've questioned every parenting decision you've made, where your newborn screams every time you put her down, and your other baby won't nap to save her life because she's cutting three teeth at once. Your older kids perplex you and you're not sure you're doing what you're supposed to be doing for them to thrive. You've been sick for days and so have all of your kids. There's a lot of snot and spit up pretty much everywhere. Your husband has worked a million hours, you can't catch up on life - the daily tasks that are right in front of your face reminding you of your humanity and shortcomings. You just got the news that someone so dear to you just found out their cancer is back. 
It's been a rough week.

And then you're tromping through a muddy corn maze, your three little boys ahead of you and your husband with a baby on his chest, the other one on yours. It's just a moment. And you almost can't breathe because you are so taken aback by how abundantly blessed you feel. To be in this family, to have these kids, to be in this marriage and live normal everyday life with them. This messy, scary, what in the world is happening life. It's just one of infinite moments. And you pray for the eyes of your heart to be opened up to the good, for your capacity for thankfulness to increase. And you pray not to forget this moment, in this muddy corn maze, with these people. Because you're blessed.
So freaking blessed.


  1. yes, so much truth. such wonderful perspective!

  2. So so there with you girl! I love reading along as you walk a similar path as me (albeit you've got two extra kiddos!). Bless you lady.

  3. Thank you for posting this! I'm struggling with keeping a positive perspective on my life right now, but instead of family, it's work. My store is like my baby and my employee like my babysitter~ both things of which I can't seem to get on the same page. Gah. But when I sit still a moment and look at it all, I am really lucky for what I have. It's really not that bad~ in fact it's pretty darn good. I hope you all get feeling better soon!!

  4. Such rich beauty, texture, depth, and meaning to the mess and mystery of every day life. God in the ordinary, mundane, and crazy. You captured it all very well in this post, Carina. It blessed me. Thank you...