02 September 2013

my birth plan

photo taken my by sweet danielle

It's happening folks. Like, this month I'm having a baby. Cue the freak out where I suddenly become a mother of five and my short lived adjustment to four is out the window. I can do it. Well, I can do it as long as my husband takes a few weeks off and I get a little help from my friends. I have good friends and a great family, so I know I'll ease into this whole thing a-ok.

Nick is on my case to pack my bag and people keep asking me who is watching the kids when I go into labor. So that's on tap this week. I'll have my duffle ready and the on call list printed and on the fridge. Basically everything will be done to ensure that I go past my due date. 

I remember with my first pregnancy devouring pregnancy books filled with advice and anecdotes on how to prepare for a baby's arrival. Tips on what to pack, how to plan, and so on. What I've learned after three pregnancies and five children is that you can plan all the livelong day and it's gonna turn out how it's gonna turn out. 

So here's my birth plan:
Have the baby. That's pretty much it.
Preferably in a hospital bed with an epidural in place. I salute all you tough ladies out there who go natural or have your baby at home, or in a tub or whatever. But here's the thing: I got to 9cm with my first, all natural - not on purpose. That boy was just ready to come out, and I had this out of body experience where I kept asking, "who is that woman doing all the yelling?" It was me and at that moment I decided that if I had anything to say about it, I'd be having epidurals from here on out. But I know that I don't always get a say, and I'm just praying this baby isn't born in my bathroom or the hospital elevator (which I dreamt happened, by the way). 

I am excited to meet this little peanut, to finally pick a name (we can't agree, so hopefully it'll have one) and snuggle my fresh little babe for a few minutes before heading back into the loud, chaotic, awesome reality that is life with five. I'm feeling very blessed to be 37 weeks, healthy and even mildly comfortable. I am excited to sleep on my stomach again though, let's be honest.


  1. I hope that everything goes well :) when are you due?

  2. That whole birth plan thing....I'm hoping it's overrated because I don't know how to do this. I'm hoping my baby will slide out while I sneeze or something, and thinking beyond that makes me want to puke. Seriously.
    I'm excited for you guys & your newest little one & to find out if it's a boy or girl! :) Best wishes friend!

  3. So exciting! My sister is due this month too!

  4. YAY, YAY, YAY!!! I'm so thrilled for you ~ the newborn phase {excluding the sleeplessness} is such a sacred phase; one that passes too, too quickly.
    praying a peace filled labor & healthy little one to your growing family!!
    PS. i must make you something :0)


  5. Can't wait to see this new babe!

    I totally agree...the best plan is to have a baby :)

  6. soo excited for you!! And knowing you will totally rock five kids! You can do this mama! And your birth will be amazing too!! can't wait to see pics!!

  7. i love this plan. and i love you. :)

  8. love your birth plan! I also was at a 9 before i got my epidural...and I still can't believe the sounds that came from me!

  9. Very excited for you! Will be praying for an easy delivery and looking forward to seeing a name and face :)

  10. I am so excited for you!! My mom had the exact same point of view on her 5th baby! When her water broke she took her sweet time getting ready, but then she had my brother on the couch because he was in a bigger hurry than she was! (This story is not to freak you out, and I will note that my mom says the worst part was only that hot firemen showed up to deliver they baby and she was embarrassed hahah). You are in my prayers and I can't wait to see your cute little miss or mister!

  11. cannot wait. praying for you and your babe, carina, and that your birth story does not involve an elevator ever.

  12. Love your birthing plan and love you!~ Can't wait to see what God brings into your life with this new life, and I'm so happy for you. Oh and what a glorious day it is to sleep on the BELLY!! I can hardly wait for this special lil peanut ;)