05 September 2013

being thankful: a new era of gratitude

As you may remember, I did a thankful link up every Thursday for a year or so. It was a great way to center my heart on the big and little things that reminded me how much I had to be grateful for in my every day life. And then I fell off the blogging train with a thud and let that link up fade away at the same time. But I still love the idea, and I love how it helps me to focus on the good, which there is so much of, even in the midst of the crazy.

So, I'm bringing it back and changing it up. I'm going to do a monthly link up, the last week of the month. You are welcome to link your posts of gratitude and share with all of us what's on your heart and the way you've seen the goodness take over. It can be big or small, it's all worth sharing.

Outside of that, I want to keep up with weekly encouragements for a thankful heart. So, if you're on instagram, it's a quick and easy way to share what's going, to show us a picture of just what you're grateful for, and to tag people to join in. If we're not already friends on IG, I'm @lovelylittlewhimsy over there. I started off today with the picture above, and I tagged three friends to share what they're grateful for today, too. You can hashtag it if you want, but like most things in my life, this doesn't include a lot of structure. I'd love it if you tagged me in your posts so I can share in your gratefulness.

Mine was simple this week, and a real surprise, actually. I avoid shopping with more than one kid at all costs. Last night I set to planning out some meals and made my list, but when it came time to go to the store - after the kids were asleep and the sun had set - I was too tired to even pick up my keys. I ended up in hours of good conversation with my husband, which completely trumped a trip to the store. But because we've been down to pb+j for days, I couldn't avoid it this morning. And that meant packing up three out of four kids and heading out in the driving rain, thunder and lightning, and stockpiling for the week. I was dreading it, to say the least, trying to justify another day without proper nutrition. But I said a little prayer, and we did it. AND MY KIDS WERE OFF THE HOOK AMAZING. Not a single whiny voice, no fights over who got to sit where in the car cart, no demands that we leave, no hitting, pinching or punching. Just friendly conversation and even moments of quiet. I cannot think of something more significant to be grateful for - that pretty much tops the charts.

How about you? Want to join in the instagram fun? Or do you have a post that shares what's been a blessing to you this week? Leave a comment sharing your heart - can't wait to hear about it!


  1. The Lord is so good to bless us with moments/hours/days/whatever that are just what we need right when we need it. He knew how incredible of a blessing a pleasant trip to the grocery would be. I just love that.

  2. wow...that is so awesome...and def something to be grateful for!!

  3. Impressive!! Glad you are back with a thankful roundup! xoxo!

  4. I love how God is intimately involved in every moment of our days... providing and caring for us, loving us deeply, speaking so personally the words we need to hear, AND making our kids behave when we just don't have the strength to deal with one more thing.

    The picture is priceless... groceries packed around babies in every nook and cranny of the cart, two cuties playing with cars their mom couldn't help but to buy for them, not to mention that they couldn't they wait until they got home to tear into the package. Absolutely precious!

    May Jesus continue to come for you, Carina, in the sweetest and surest of ways...

    (love that we connected on Instagram this past week!)

  5. I totally miss Thankful Thursday, but I love that you are just as "unstructured" and creative because your IG idea is GENIUS !! IG is pretty much where I live these days and I still feel in touch with all my bloggity blogger buds, so count me in! Also, I can totally relate to what you were thankful for. Going to the store with kids has got to be hands down one of the hardest jobs on planet earth. To get out alive, happy, and all in one piece mentally is a true feat my friend. Who knew saying a lil prayer beforehand could be so helpful ;) Miss you xo