29 August 2013

like i'm at a stand still, but not

From the looks of my blogging/etsy/social media presence, it appears life has been slow going. From the looks of my house and my calendar, it looks the opposite. I've felt lately like I want to be present here - to keep up with what's happening. Not for the sake of my blog, but for the sake of memories. To look back and remember what this summer was.

A summer filled with rambunctious boys and a sweet girl who became mobile all too quickly.
Time with my oldest boy, reading chapter books together for the first time - favorites from my own childhood. Ramona is still just as charming.
Prepping and planning for a girls weekend that may not have been restful in that I barely slept, but the rest my soul needed. Has needed for so long.
A summer growing this baby, having 456 conversations about what we'll name "it", and coming back to a blank slate every time. We're those people that name our kid at the hospital, six to eight hours after it's born. Why do we even try?
Welcoming my very first nephew into the world - sweet little Ralph. 
Learning how to budget our finances. (BOR-ing. and a little sad. I'll miss you, iced white mocha americanos.)
Watching my kids go from conflict filled independent play, to playing well together - loving each other, building things together, climbing and running and swimming and tackling together. It's loud and messy and not always loving, but the changes I've seen over the last few months encourage my heart and make me a little wistful as I realize how quickly they're growing.
Praying and planning and dreaming for what my little business will be in the next year.
Reading actual books all the way through and committing to being more intentional with my time. 

The summer has been filled to the brim, in a sweet and quiet way a lot of the time, in loud pull-my-hair-out ways almost as often. And now we ease into fall - into kids going back to school and a baby's arrival. I want to hold onto all of it... Not to make time stand still, but to remember all the tiny little moments that have made up the last few months.
I'm grateful for this little life, and I never want to forget that.


  1. It sounds like you've had the best summer ever. I was hoping for such a summer, but it was not to be. Maybe next year will be mine. I pray it's God's will.
    It's okay to actually be present in your family, in real life. Cherish every moment.


  2. I love hearing about the little things, always! xo.

  3. such good things and sounds like such a good summer!

    and yes. budgeting = the worst.

  4. We couldn't decide on a name until our daughter was 12 hours old. Drove everyone nuts!

  5. you are amazing, in every way. So glad I got to be part of your summer. :) love you mama!!!

  6. Love this post, and with you I'm not loving the budgeting because my coffee runs and Machiatos got cut!;)

  7. We waiting a whole day to name Max. At the last minute I really wanted to name him Jones, but then I decided that Jemma and Jones sounded too twinsie, so Max it was. And it totally fits him :)

  8. Basically, you inspire me. I just decided we need to stop with the crappy lame-o excuses we jump to to excuse "me time" that happens like all the time. (not the occasional rejuvenating kind. The lazy kind.) So this weekend, I'm going to be the change I wish to see rather than just wishing and complaining. Thank you for inspiring even more though. I think we're going to attempt geocacheing this weekend to start with. Ha./

  9. I've loved keeping up with you via instagram...looks like life is good right now! And i totally feel ya on budgeting. WE SUCK big time at it. its so hard!