08 July 2013

oh hey, it's been awhile

Since the last time I really blogged,
My Eddie turned four. My crazy four year old football fanatic, the boy who loves burgers and monster trucks, the one who loves to hug my belly and "kiss the baby" and snuggle even though he's so big. My teddy bear boy.

We sat in the hot sun and celebrated the fourth of July by watching the local parade.
My kids scored major candy and some awesome shades. And although we had every intent of keeping them up for their first fireworks show, they were in bed and sound asleep before 8pm. Sleep trumps fireworks.

My belly grew. A lot. Like I can't really tie my shoes, like breathing is an issue kind of big.
Like, how do I still have eleven weeks?

I've had a couple of coffee dates with Mother Teresa. And she's kicking my tail.
In her gentle, cut to the heart kind of way. God's stirring up a little something inside of me.
I'm grateful for it, but it's stretching me, that's for sure. 

I also took a trip to the hospital after a little blood pressure scare with the baby. I'm grateful everything ended up being ok. And I got to rest in a quiet room with a cup full of crushed ice. Like a mandatory time out. I'm thankful for family and friends who prayed for me in my moments of worry, and thankful that the little peanut seems to be calm and content in there.

I made this rhubarb crumb cake. And well, you probably should too. It was amaze.

I threw a baby shower with my mom for my sweet sister and her next little love.
The food was good, the company was great, and I'm so excited for my very first nephew!

I've been planning and dreaming for my shop reopen - hopefully in the next few weeks. 
Things are changing and I love the direction it's headed. 

Life has been good. Warm, sunny days filled with dirty little boys, swimming lessons, lots of popsicles, and sleepy afternoons.
How's your summer been? 


  1. summer sounds lovely in your household! So glad you and the babe are doing well. lots of love to you!

  2. So glad everything is good with you and that sweet little baby!

  3. sounds like life lately is lovely friend. XOXOX

  4. Mother Teresa was truly an amazing woman. If you're interested in more about her, check out Kathryn Spink's biography of her and Malcolm Muggeridge's book, Something Beautiful for God.

  5. So glad you and the babe are ok!! You're having a fantastic summer so far!