22 July 2013


two seven month bellies side by side

 three little swimmers

a little date with my little man. and his first cake pop. momentous. 

george is suddenly super into legos. and apparently, this is his rendition of me.

exploring the beach by our house and the driftwood fort that mama definitely can't climb into.

a day at the zoo. we saw a couple of animals. we went visited the bathroom a lot. 
there was ice cream. 

a much needed date night.  we saw "the way, way back" and it was so good
go see it. and you should probably get the biggest icee you've ever seen. 
it makes it even better.

life's been full lately. and i've loved it.


  1. The belly picture is just too precious :)

  2. I love the matching bellies! How fun is it that your babies are going to be so close?!

  3. The picture of two seven month bellies is my favorite thing ever!!! And first cake pop - so glad you got that documented! :)

  4. LOVED that movie! I'm dying to see it again, actually. I really loved that you got the seven-month belly shot together! Very clever.

  5. Oh my word, love the side by side bellies!!!! And I think I could gobble baby Frances right up! =)

  6. Have I mentioned that I love Lute's eyebrows? Deeply.