25 July 2013

friends that change you

In just four weeks, nine women are flying in from all over the country to hang out here for four whole days. My heart can hardly take the anticipation. It's weird for me to think that it all started on twitter just over a year ago - the idea that a handful of us who'd connected through social media could have a real life girls weekend. And then the idea became reality when we all met up for the first time in the Adirondacks last fall and our funny little texts and blog comments and twitter exchanges turned into real life friendship that would change us all forever.

I've met so many amazing women through this blog and social media. Lovely souls I hope I get to see face to face some day. But for whatever reason, it was these women that God had intended for me to meet and fall in love with and count as sisters. Women who I feel connected to, down to my core, and who I am in touch with almost every day. 
It's weird and beautiful and I wouldn't trade it.

Have you connected with people and wish you could meet in real life? My challenge to you is to do it. Make it happen. All these women that I've grown to love? They're all married, all moms, all super busy with a million reasons not to travel and spend time away from their families. But we need friendship. Real, life giving, pray for each other, laugh with each other, cry for each other, tell me anything, tell it how it is, soul changing friendship. 
I wish, more than I can even put into words, that these ladies lived in my neighborhood. That I could walk down the street and drink in daily life with them. But for right now, I'll settle for the daily texts and Skype dates and the weekend meet ups and the way God's making it happen at the moment. I'm so grateful for them and the way they've come into my life, and the fact that in a few short weeks most of us will be together, face to face.
There will be a couple of ladies that will be missed (like heart achingly so), and there will be a couple of new ladies in the mix (prepare yourselves). What I know is it will be more fun than I can dream, there will be more good food than we should eat, there will be tears and laughter and little adventures. We'll pack every minute, that's for sure.

Who's on your list? Tell them. Get with them. Pray for them.
You never know the way God will draw your heart to one another.
All I know is, I'm so grateful He did.


  1. lately i've felt lonely-- as I prepare for this renegade-- because it's something i feel like the real-life, next-door, in my 'hood people can't understand. but that's when i'm thankful for online community that gets what i'm going through and has encouraged me so much. it's that which is sustaining me.

    that and loads of coffee, prayer and strength from Jesus and the knowledge that it'll be over after this weekend!

    excited for all those ladies to experience our home state!! :D also, i just randomly online "met" life chasers and she is amazing & real. which is my favorite.

    hope you are doing well! xoxoxoxox

    1. erika - I dont know you but looking forward to meeting you when we are all in Seattle in a few weeks. :) cant wait to hug you, I already consider you a friend bc you are so loved by my friends! :)

  2. That is so cool! Hope you have so much fun. I just had one of my girl friends come visit and it was wonderful.

  3. i cannot even handle this. 4 weeks.

  4. i love this! can't wait to hear about your adventure!

  5. so true! the blogging community is so amazing in that way, and you're so right! we are in such need of community and good friends!!

  6. this makes my heart so happy. I might just die though when y'all are all together without me.. LOVE YOU!

  7. ohh how fun! I still don't "get" twitter and how people hang out on there. I get fb, blogs and ig, but seriously, how do y'all do this?