08 June 2013

the thrifty love gift exchange: are you in?

It’s that time again! The thrifty love gift exchange is back.
Space is limited, so email me asap and let your friends know!

What is it? A fun little gift exchange centered around your love for thrift!
Here’s how it works:
Spend up to $15 at your favorite thrift store on some little lovelies to send to your partner before July 15.
Please only sign up if you are actually going to send something. 
I cannot emphasize this enough. 
Several ladies did not receive gifts last year and that is  a HUGE BUMMER. 
So, if you have to back out, please please please let me know by July 1 so I can pair your new friend up with someone on the wait list. 
After I receive your email, I will send you a little questionnaire that will help your new BFF
 get to know you better and learn what you love, so that you can get a gift that’s matched just for you.
In addition to some lovely thrifted goodness, I hope you make a new lifelong friend. 
You never know what can happen in bloggy land.
I’ve met some crazy girls I couldn’t live without.

You will get your match and all their info by June 25.
Shop shop shop!
Let me know by July 1 if it’s not going to work for you to participate.
Mail your gift no later than July 15.
Come back here and link up with your thrifty love posts on Aug 5.
Can you think of a party more fun than this one?

Email me today at lovelylittlewhimsy at gmail dot com to get in on the goodness!


  1. Such a fun idea! Thanks for setting this up, girl!

  2. Oooo.....I shouldn't, but I'm gonna. Because swap + thrifting = win.
    Can we also make stuff, or is it thrift-bought-only?

  3. Such a cute idea! Can't wait to start thrift shopping.

  4. Here's a link to the post about my gifts from the exchange!