21 June 2013

foodie friday

I was on pinterest late last night, procrastinating bed time. There is just something about how silent my house is late at night that makes it hard for me to go to sleep... it's kind of blissful. While browsing, I clicked through to a recipe that caught my eye and discovered a new website that has danger written all over it: foodriot. It's basically pinterest, but just for recipes, and all of the pictures are gorgeous. 

Here are a few dishes that struck my fancy. 

sourdough blackberry scones
It's nearly blackberry season here, when wild berries grow in abundance, drooping from heavy branches in secret spots down windy roads near our house.
It's one of our favorite summer past times, and I can't wait to try them in these scones.

grilled naan caprese pizza
Why haven't I thought of naan as a base for pizza?
It's simple brilliance. And anything caprese is right up my alley.
This scream summer, and I'm all over it.

crock pot carne asada tacos
You had me at crock pot. 
And then carne asada? I mean, heaven.

coffee ice cream donut sandwiches dipped in chocolate
Uh, say what? This isn't anything I should be making, but everything I want to be eating,
Like, I can't even talk about this combination without salivating.

chocolate bourbon pretzel pie
The first time I had chocolate bourbon pie was in a tiny little cafe in Charlottesville, VA.
There were clouds painted on the ceiling and one of my dear friends and I ate fancy southern food in the candlelit dining room and dreamed about life. It was a million years ago, before kids and family and real life.
But I remember that chocolate bourbon pie, and how amazed I was by the sheer joy in every rich bite of it.
So when I saw this recipe last night, I was like, yes, please and thank you.
This'll definitely be happening this summer.

You can follow along with my recipe obsession here.
What recipes have caught your eye lately?


  1. Holy moly yummy. This recipe round-up is absolutely yummy looking and makes me want to start cooking and baking!

  2. You had me with the naan caprese pizza, but then I saw that ice cream/donut/chocolate combo. Just stop.

  3. They all look delish.
    And, just fyi, the original tacos are here (http://www.eatliverun.com/crock-pot-beef-carnitas-tacos/). The site you linked to reposts stuff for whatever reason.

  4. those doughnut ice cream sandwiches?!?! you're kidding me! & I'm not supposed to be having dessert... but they look amazing. :)

  5. holy of all that is holy.

    food is my love language, is that even a thing?

  6. Those donuts and that pie...clearly, I'm pregnant! Oh my. I need to make those happen...thank you for sharing!