13 June 2013

california girl at heart

I spent four days last week in Southern California.
I was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding - that is a post of its own, because it was gorgeous and dreamy.

The break was amazing, good for my soul. Filled with sunshine and sand,
friends and food. A girl doesn't need much else.

My first stop on my mini road trip? In-N-Out. 
Mustard fried cheeseburger and a small chocolate malt. It was everything I'd dreamed.

After all the wedding festivities, I met up with two of my favorite people on the planet.
I met both of them for the first time last fall when we made the crazy plan to spend the weekend with people we met on the internet. 
If you don't know Kara and Jami, go say hello. They're pretty great.

 I scored a really sweet deal on Expedia when I was hotel hunting. 
This is not a paid advertisement, I'm just telling you, it's worth looking into.
They have 12 hour deals, and I happened to stumble upon this super fancy resort and got 50% off. 
We were comfy, to say the least.

 Since food is high on my list of to-dos, fish tacos were on the agenda. 
There was a salsa bar. I was happy.
Take note Seattle, take note. All I want is a salsa bar.

Strolling the streets of Balboa and Newport, sipping foamy lattes,
talking about life and family, adoption and budgets, 
laughing and enjoying silence in the sun.
There is nothing like being in the presence of kindred spirits.

There's also nothing like sinking your toes into hot sand and feeling the ocean breeze fresh on your face.
I couldn't have asked for more: a full night's sleep three nights in a row.
Flowers delivered upon arrival from my sweet husband.
Witnessing a lovely wedding in the middle of a vineyard.
36 hours with two sweet ladies who bless my soul.
And so much good food.

I missed my kids, really I did. But a few days in the California sunshine?
I think I'd be okay with it happening on a regular basis.


  1. theres a lot of blue in your pictures. love you guys! can't wait to see you alllll!!!! ah.

  2. Oh, you stayed on the strand? Fantastic! :D
    I do miss In-N-Out, despite moving from San Diego to Seattle 5 years ago. I crave it monthly. And the sunshine is nice...nicer when we don't get it often. I DO miss the sandy beach with an ocean warm enough to swim in, though. *le sigh*

  3. Your pics are fannnntastic!!! You really captured some great shots!! And time with those lovelies!?! This post is pretty much the best! Also, somehow I lost you in my google reader, but found you in my blog

  4. Lovin app. And annoying blogger cut me off...

    Anyways, so glad I realized what was going on!!! What a happy California post!!!

  5. Oh, the California sun. I need to venture out west.

    It looks like you had the most incredible time, and you look fabulous!!!

    Happy (almost) summer!!

  6. I must not live too far from you...I'm right outside of Tacoma in Spanaway. My favorite restaraunt is Taco's Guyamas in Lakewood. There's one in Seattle and they've got a salsa bar :)

  7. this is so not helping with my decision over which coast to spend the next few months on! glad you had fun :)