22 May 2013

moore, ok: how you can help

The handmade community has come together again to help raise money for relief efforts.
The tragedy that unfolded this week was heartbreaking, and sometimes it's hard to know how to help. 
I am so thankful for the relief workers coming from all over the country to help those devastated by the tornados on Monday. 
And I am grateful to be part of an online community that uses their gift of creativity to reach out and do what they can.

There are so many lovely things you can buy to benefit the families and victims in Moore, OK.

I created this printable for $10. 100% of the money raised will go to Catholic Charities in Moore, 
who are providing direct assistance - both immediate and long term - to families in need.
Food and water, shelter, counseling and rebuilding. 
Every penny donated goes directly to victims.

Lesley from Recipe for Crazy also has a print, and all proceeds go to Red Cross.
Hannah has this cute arrow necklace, and she is donating $8 from each sale to Convoy of Hope
Jules from JoysHope made this lovely Scripture print, donating all proceeds to the Red Cross.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with those in Moore and all over Oklahoma.
My hope is that this will make even a small difference in the lives of the many affected. 
If you know of other shops who are sending help, please let me know and I will include their links as well.

(the thankful link up will be back next week!)


  1. How wonderful! I love that you're all doing this! :-)

  2. thanks Carina!! we need it all down here.

  3. How sweet! so wonderful that you created this. love it.

  4. Friends are definitely something we all could use. What a beautiful thing to do for so many in need!