30 May 2013

in a funkity funk

Lately I have felt just a little uninspired. 
I have a bunch of sketches started for the print shop.
I have some pretty new things to put together for my other shop.
I have blog posts all written up in my mind. 
But when it comes down to it... when the kids go to bed and I sit down for a second...
well that second turns into an hour or two of zoning out. Completely.
I get sucked into shows like House Hunters, and I'm like, welp, there goes the night.

According to experts (aka the crazy girls who text all day long), nobody's blogging anymore.
At least that's what we're telling ourselves.
So, sorry for the lack of creativity around here these days.
Next week will be better... I think.
In the meantime, be encouraged here and laugh out loud here.
Those are both reads worth a few minutes of your day, trust me.


  1. Ugh I feel the same way. At least you can use pregnancy as an excuse ;) I just want to watch re-runs of the office and drink coffee all day long.

    1. well, that sounds delightful! i miss drinking coffee all day long :)

  2. I'm with ya! I just MADE myself do a InstaFriday blog post, but it was like pulling my own teeth...and that's difficult. ;0)

  3. I blog. :) when I have time. but I still really enjoy it. I just finally came to terms with why I really blog. It took so much pressure off! :)

    1. I really enjoy it, too... I've just gotten so lazy lately. but i hear ya, you have to know WHY you're doing it, for sure.

  4. Honestly, I've noticed a lot of blogs have slowed down recently... mine included.

  5. Here's the fix I found: find 10 hobbies you love doing but have no time and energy and money for. Attempt them. Chronicle the chaos that results. :D