08 May 2013

all bears need love: every family needs this book.

Before we brought Eddie home, way back when, our case worker suggested that we read books about adoption and the questions that could arise from others. She even had the suggestion that children's books were the way to go, as they streamlined everything and kept it simple. Or maybe she thought that's all we could handle, whatever. 

There really wasn't much out there. I found one book out of a handful that suited us,
 and considering how common adoption has become, 
I was disappointed in the selection.
So when a reader got in touch with me a month or so ago and told me about a book she'd written about that very thing, 
I was so excited! She sent me a copy and can I tell you something?

Buy it.
Even if you don't have any adopted children, buy it. 
Because chances are one or more of your child's peers is adopted. And it's an easy, beautiful way to share with them how different families work.

I love this book. My husband was like, "where did you find this?!" He loves this book 
and has read it to the kids at least 20 times. 
My kids love it. 

All Bears Need Love
about a polar bear mama at the zoo who takes a little brown bear cub under her care, 
despite a zillion critiques from the other animals. 

"But he doesn't look like you."
"You don't know where he came from."
"But you have your own cubs!"
And while she thoughtfully responds to each, 
all the while you see the other little animals accepting their new friend with no questions at all.

It really is so good.
You can find the book here, and I think you'll be pretty happy with your decision to get it.

Thank you, Tanya, for the sweet gift, and for sharing your story in such a way!
Your voice is a welcome one.


  1. What a Cute Book, going to have to pick this up for Derby. He's going to love it.


  2. This book sounds fabulous! I'm definitely going to have to look into getting it for my little sisters (who are adopted from Ethiopia)