10 April 2013

(thankful) a list.

As I sit down to write a thankful post, I have to laugh at the day's circumstances. I went to bed last night, snuggled in next to a feverish three year old, soothing him as he went in and out of sleep. I woke up with him at 3am when he started throwing up. I stayed up with him when he insisted that the day was starting, even though it was dark as could be outside, and yes, we did need to leave the light on. I laid there with him as he refused to sleep, for hours, until he finally gave in. Just about the time the other three year old decided he was ready to start his day. By 10am, both had fevers, refused their lunch, and carried on with whining and whimpering until nap time. I've had a sore throat and been nauseous since Monday, but I've been pushing it into the back of my brain, chalking it up to pregnancy and parenting. Now I'm not so sure.

It didn't seem there was much to be grateful for today.

Well, apart from my husband generously letting me catch a nap before he went to work, and surprising me with a bagel and coffee when I woke up. That was pretty sweet.

I found myself thinking throughout the day, "It has to end sometime, right?" Someone or another has been sick since the holidays, and it seems the nose wiping, barf cleanup and general malaise is never ending.

And then it occurred to me, as it usually does, that for some families, there isn't an end. Someone is sick for real, and it's not going to get better. It occurred to me that there are a lot of parents out there who, when their kids are sick, and every day, don't have anyone to help them carry the load. To let them take a nap. To run out and grab a coffee. Not everyone has a mom that will drop whatever she's doing if you need some back up.

My kids will be fine in a day or two. I'll feel good again eventually. Things really aren't that bad. Tonight I'm thankful for that. 

I'm thankful for a group of friends I can count on to make me laugh every day.
For enough food in the fridge.
For clean laundry, even if it isn't folded (it never is).
For boys who want to snuggle me and hold my hand and offer me their favorite teddy bear if it means I'll lay next to them as they fall asleep.
For three brothers who laughed hysterically at a runaway wagon on Curious George, united completely,  if even for a moment.
For a grandma who texts and tweets and brings a little light to my life all the time, even if she doesn't really know it.
For the encouragement I get from this online community nearly every day.
For your enthusiasm over my post last week (I'll follow up soon, I promise.).
For a husband that doesn't really care what's for dinner and who will rub my feet every night if I ask him to.

The list is long, and I could go on forever. 
There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

What about you? How have the little moments added up to a thankful heart for you this week? Please share! It's such an encouragement to read your words and hear your stories.

Grab a button, link up your thankful post, and share in each other's joy. 
I'm glad you're here.

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. Yes yes. When we stop and think...there is SO much to be thankful for. Hope you all feel right as rain very soon!

  2. I love this hop because it does make you stop and think and realize all the good around you. Thanks for hosting and have a great week and weekend.

  3. Oh sweety, I hope you all feel better soon! :-)

  4. Hi!

    For some reason the link-up won't work for me right now but I LOVE the idea of think link-up & was so inspired and happy to write a thankful post. I just found your blog through a friend & truly love it. Your post of NFP was so helpful. I'd love to be blogger friends & hope all of you feel better soon!


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  5. beautiful. i totally get it. sometimes it is hard to be thankful. but i am grateful for you and your posts!

  6. Love this post, so much truth in being thankful even when we don't exactly feel like it! Just posted something pretty similar.:)

  7. So true. I was feeling this way myself this week, taking the time to see that we really do have a lot to be thankful for, that really does help. :)