30 April 2013

i love instagram

It's no secret that instagram is awesome.
Obviously, it's a fun way to share photos - but even more, I am so amazed by the community.
I have met other adoptive families, been encouraged at moments I needed it most, and connected with people I would never have otherwise met.
I feel like I am able to stay close with some of my favorite people,
glimpse into their daily lives, and share in their joys.
It's pretty rad.
I'd love to be friends if we aren't already - you can catch me at

aaaaaand, if you feel like doing a little shopping, I'm clearing out my closet this week.
you can see the goods at @llwcloset

I'd love for you to say hello!


  1. I love instagram too! Such a fun way to connect with people.

  2. Ooooooh yeah. Instagram is the best! I'm @erinward. :) I love seeing people's day to day life. And I love seeing pics of your cute kiddos!!

  3. i love instagram too.
    if only because i get to see that cutie girl's crazy amazing dimples.

  4. are you selling those shoes? can i just have them now? what do you want for them... seriously. need.

  5. Just found your blog, super excited to follow! I love your heart for Christ. I am new to the blogging scene, follow me at http://foreverconvinced.blogspot.com/

    :) xoxo