01 April 2013

easter weekend

Getting all of us into the same photo is a feat. The goal is to at least attempt it on Thanksgiving and Easter.
 My dad took 63 shots yesterday.
And this is the best we could get. 
Not because my dad doesn't have the skills,
but because of those yahoos up there that I love to pieces.
At least we'll have an accurate depiction of reality to look back at over the years.

I did get this cute one, though. Maybe I'll just add Nick and I into the background?

We had a wonderful Easter weekend: egg hunts in the park, quality time with family, a beautiful celebration at church, and watching my kids have a blast laughing and playing together in the sunshine was total perfection.
We went to bed last night worn out in the best way, hearts full and thankful.

Hope yours was just as bright!


  1. What a lovely family!! What did the boys do with their hair in that first picture? :) too cute!

  2. your family is beautiful. i love how God has perfectly designed it, it is perfect.

  3. haha i have this theory that one day when i am 60 and my kiddo is all grown up, i am going to look back at all the photos that 'didn't come our right' and be absolutely convinced they are perfect :)

    1. totally! I thought the same thing the other day :) real life is best.

  4. You all look adorable!!! And a year from now there will be five kiddos!!! :-)

  5. Baby girl looks like a baby doll! too cute!

  6. ha! I've only got one kiddo and it's hard enough to get a shot of her that isn't blurry! I can't imagine!

  7. Hi! found you on a linkup! I’m a new follower!