12 March 2013

what i'd make if i was actually cooking

I haven't been doing much in the kitchen lately. It's this whole starving while nauseous thing, I think. I've been eating a lot of saltines and cereal and it's getting kind of old and super boring. And my poor family - they might be over the sandwiches. So, in hopes that I am over this very, very, very soon, I'm planning ahead with some recipes I've found around the internets to make up for lost time. 

How about some homemade rolls stuffed with cheese and slathered in butter?
I think everyone would say yes to that.

And chicken marsala? Seriously one of my faves. 
Plus I bought a bottle of marsala wine for a recipe awhile back and I really need to use it more.

As soon as the heartburn is over and done with, I am all over these spicy lemon chicken wraps. Oh my lands.

I am in love with any vegetable that's been roasted. So divine. 
So when I saw this recipe for brussel sprouts, I was all "come to mama." This will be happening sooner rather than later.

And obviously, dessert. Plus it's a salad, so you don't have to feel too bad about it. I miss dessert. 
This snickers salad is exactly what my baby needs. Right? Just say yes, it's the right thing to do.

So tell me, what else should I make? What's on your list to try?


  1. Snickers salad...ummm what!? Sounds too good to be true! I am in a recipe rut, thanks for the ideas. :)

  2. The salad is perfect. Chocolate to keep mama happy and apples for baby :D

  3. wow. You had me at cheese stuffed bread and just made me very hungry.

  4. oh wow, these look so good.
    i feel like i'm drooling over my computer screen.
    thanks for sharing these, i'm gonna look up the marsala recipe and see
    if it's something i can do :)

  5. My mom makes that snickers salad all the time for my kids during the summer...we eat it pool side and it is perfect!

  6. Ummm holy cow. It's like someone wrote an entire blog post about what could possibly sound most delicious to ME at that moment.

    I have a feeling we are long lost twinsies.

    It was actually kinda surreal going from recipe to recipe and pinning everything and feeling rather stalkerish, ha!

    Let's just say that your baby has good taste!