13 March 2013

{thankful} that she's mellow

One thing is for sure about that sweet little face, she's the easiest baby around.
None of my babies have been hard, per se. 
I mean, George had to be held every night until 1am or he'd scream and screech until our ears fell off, but I don't hold a grudge.
But oh little Francie. You are the mellowest little thing I ever did meet.
God knew that that's what I needed, and I am so so thankful.

She's also the happiest. And has dimples that just don't quit.
I confess there are days when I look into her huge brown eyes and I feel a little bit guilty
that I get to parent this amazing little peanut.
That's what I call her - peanut face. I hope she doesn't mind.
I am in awe of her. 

What are you grateful for?
It can be little or big, a moment of grace, a friendly encouragement,
a ray of hope in the midst of trial.
It can be a 99 cent Blizzard. I'm thankful for those, too.
(Snickers with chocolate ice cream, by the way.)
The point is, it can be anything, because there's always something.
So, share yours. Link up. Grab a button. Go meet new friends!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. BOGO .99 cents ooohhh yeah! Gotta love DQ. :) I had a rough day feeling awfully sorry for myself...and then God slapped some sense into me. :)

  2. so sweet! Love how God is always gracious in just the ways we need :) my kiddo has always been super easy and I truly think it's because God knew I was going through so much the first years of His life, He just took it easy on me :)

  3. Thankful for you sharing your girl with us! :)

    She is adorable!

  4. Oh goodness! She is ADORABLE! What a happy little baby :)

  5. oh my . I mean really. cant not wait to hold her!!! :)

  6. i really need to give her a squeeze. she is just too dear.

    xo ~emily

  7. Your girlie melts my heart. Peanut face. I love it!

  8. She is precious!! I pray and hope that my next child is mellow and easygoing!
    There's nothing like a chill little bebe!