27 March 2013

{thankful} for him

We're closing in on eight years since we got married, and I can say, without a doubt, that I married up. Nick is amazing, and it has never been more evident than in the last two months. This pregnancy has been rough. Like knock me down, retching, heartburn around the clock, can't pull myself together kind of rough. So that makes managing our house and four kids kind of daunting, scary, overwhelming, and crazy.

So in addition to 50 hour work weeks, Nick took it on. He did laundry and made meals and took care of the kids whenever he was home. And without complaint. 

When things started to get better a couple of weeks ago, we were both relieved. 
"It's good to have you back," he smiled and hugged me. He was tired.
And then last week I got sick. And this week I got really, really sick. He took days off of work and did it all over again. Taking the kids to the zoo so I could rest, made lunches for Lute, took care of dinner, and let me sleep.

I married up. I don't know if I could serve that way that he does... so selflessly and endlessly and with joy. I know it's what we're called to, but I know that I am weak and selfish.
He makes me want to be better, to strive for more, to live with joy for a higher purpose.

I am thankful that I live with someone, that I share life with someone, who embodies what it is to live out the Gospel. That I am married to someone who loves so deeply in so many ways. I am humbled and honored, and oh so thankful.


What are you thankful this week?
It doesn't matter if it's something that seems insignificant, or silly...
to take time and reflect on the good in our lives, maybe even in the midst of the tragic,
can shift our whole way of thinking.
I hope you'll share your story and take some time to meet some others who are sharing theirs.

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  1. Oh my word....that made my heart melt. I love seeing married couples that not only love each other but APPRECIATE each other. Hats off. Keep it up xoxo

  2. Aww I love this. I think the same things about my husband sometimes too... He demonstrates love and selflessness way better than I can and what do I do to deserve it? So thankful for loving spouses. :)

  3. I love you girl. You and Nick always make we want to be a better person. To say how sad I am that I will not be making the trip to y'alls neck of the woods is the understatement of the year.

  4. I think it's wonderful that he has stepped in and been everything to everyone while you aren't feeling well. You have a pretty awesome guy there.


  5. Love this so much and I came upon it just in time!
    I've been needing a way to keep myself accountable for those beautiful
    things I'm grateful for, too often I overlook the lovely in lieu of the not so lovely.

    Thanks for this outlet, what a blessing. :0)

  6. Great photo! Have a great weekend and happy Easter/Passover if you celebrate.

  7. This made me all teary. So thankful you have each other. You are precious!

    Joining in today with a thankful post. :)